Paul Kim is running for SEAT 11 on the Los Angeles County Superior Court in this exciting June 7, 2016 election.  He has been serving the People of Los Angeles County for the past 16 years as a Deputy District Attorney.  During this period, he has tried over 80 felony and gang murder trials with an impressive 95.5% conviction rate.

The past 10 years of his career were dedicated to two elite specialized prosecution units- the Hardcore Gang Division and the Organized Crime Division.  Besides vertically prosecuting complex gang murders, he is also currently serving as the Hate Crimes Prosecutor and the only Human Trafficking/Labor Prosecutor in his office.   He regularly gives presentations on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office to the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, the Network Against Hate Crimes, and the National Conference of Jewish Women.  Paul Kim is also on the Law Enforcement Advisory Board for the Anti-Defamation League.

Paul Kim is respected by both his colleagues and defense attorneys for his impressive trial statistics, fairness, and integrity.  Paul Kim is also the only candidate in seat 11 endorsed by both Jackie Lacey and Steve Cooley.

Paul Kim strongly believes his extensive experience in the courtroom, firm understanding of the law and the legal process, and the diversity he would provide makes him suited to serve the people of Los Angeles County as a Superior Court Judge.

“…we believe Kim would make an excellent judge- he is respectful, fair-minded and industrious…”   Metropolitan News